This is an excellent book by Pastor Sam Hunsu; it is a must-read for anyone looking to discover their purpose in this life and longing to go deeper in their spiritual journey. As described in the reading, we all have great wealth and riches deposited in us by God for the betterment of this world and all it takes to bring our talents to manifestation is to develop our spiritual lives; therefore we need to grow stronger in our spiritual lives in order to bring forth tangible change to the world around us.


Agent of Change will guide you in doing so. You will be encouraged to expand your vision and transform your way of thinking. You will be challenged to take your eyes off yourself and your current circumstances and fix on God for His will to manifest through you in this world. Pastor Hunsu explains profoundly, we as believers are called by God to be agents of change and a solution for others! – Anie I. Usoro, JD, RN

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